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Many websites that offer services similar to ours, attract customers with tattered prices, guaranteeing thousands of fans for a few euros, actually what they really do is use a BOT that increases the number of likes you see but does not Real fans, or use fake profiles with no value. gets real and unique fans thanks to a combined marketing service: the Facebook group (or the web site) to which we must increase will be promoted through promotional banners on Facebook pages, blogs and websites with A high volume of traffic, then the users themselves will decide to click on the banner, link or fan box and put the likes on the Facebook group or the website in a gradual and natural way and in line with the Facebook rules. This The combined procedure will continue until the target is reached and will bring only so many benefits to your Facebook pages.

Generally, all of our campaigns require an activation time ranging from 1 to 3 working days

Absolutely NO! Our method is absolutely regular and does not violate the guidelines of any of the above mentioned social.

[Accordion title = “What if you do not finish the campaign at predetermined times?” Style = “style3”] If you do not respect the pre-set times, the customer may opt for a partial refund. For example, if a customer has paid for 10,000 Fan, and at the expiration of the set times it has received only 2000, it may ask for the remainder of the remaining 8,000. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “What are delivery times?” Style = “style3”] Delivery times of each service are indicated in the relevant product card. All delivery times are merely indicative, may be subject to slips or variations following holidays, holidays, or any other technical issues, although they are normally ably respected. All delivery times start from the complete acquisition of information / materials that the customer is required to provide during the purchase process. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “Can I activate some other campaign at the same time with yours?” Style = “style3”] You can not activate other campaigns simultaneously with ours as this could create confusion in the origin of increments. takes into consideration the initial likes of the page, profile or photo being, and is therefore not responsible for the like coming from third parties that might bounce the count. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “What do I need to provide you to join your service? Will you publish something in my dashboard / profile?” Style = “style3”] The only thing you need to provide us is the link or the name of your page / profile. No, we will not publish anything in your dashboard / profile. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “If your campaign will bring more fans / followers / followers, do I have to pay?” Style = “style3”] Absolutely NO! In fact, it is only our satisfaction if this is to happen. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “What kind of payments are accepted?” Style = “style3”] The main methods of payment accepted are paypal, bank transfer and postepay recharge for other methods please feel free to contact us so that we can get you in the opposite. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “What are the points you build on each order?” Style = “style3”] Each order you make will be awarded points proportional to the amount of the order. The accumulated points are used to get discounts on the next orders. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “Where does the traffic you get from?” Style = “style3”] The web traffic service produces millions of targeted visitors every day thanks to agreements with national and international providers and the network of related websites.
Our traffic is targeted, uses websites and domain names in many product categories so that targeting is as targeted as possible and that the user is concerned with the industry concerned.
We deliver traffic from sites that match the category selected at the time of order.
This is the guarantee that you will only get quality traffic, inherent in your industry of interest. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “Is Web traffic from Spam or other illegal method?” Style = “style3”] All the website traffic you get is quite legitimate. We do not use spamming or other deceptive activities to get web traffic.
What you will get is just real visitors targeting the content of your selected website at the time of order. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “What restrictions should I know about before buying traffic?” Style = “style3”] We can only send traffic to useful sites. No web promoting hate or detaining malicious software such as viruses, Worms or Trojans or that drives component or software downloads will be admitted.
Any web site that fails to comply with these rules will not be able to get visitors and will be suspended immediately from the affiliate network programming.
Before you buy traffic from us, you must make sure that your web site meets our Terms of Use.
We monitor all traffic delivery activities, and if changes occur in violation of the Terms of Use during the campaign, we will immediately stop the delivery. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “If I buy visits to my website or blog, can I monitor them?” Style = “style3”] Of course you can monitor the traffic. After the purchase will be sent a mail containing a link where you can see the campaign progress for your website. [/accordion]

[Accordion title = “Issue Bill?” Style = “style3”] Yes, for all our services we issue a regular Italian invoice. [/accordion]



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